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GRI Reporting

We took the decision to report using the Global Reporting Initiative framework for the first time in 2012. One of the world’s most prevalent standards for sustainability reporting, GRI promotes transparency and good governance. We need to measure and analyse our data in order to assess our impacts across the economic, environmental and social parameters. In addition we have set ourselves meaningful targets over the last 5 years as we undertake this journey.

This reporting structure for Olam is complex, covering 18 platforms and 5 segments sourced and marketed in over 70 countries. These countries handle every step of the value chain from seed to shelf. We intend to build on this platform in order to deliver the necessary steps to pioneer sustainable supply chains by 2020 which we describe as the Olam Sustainability Standard.

GRI Reports

GRI Report Table 2016 – Maximising value and purpose 

2016 GRI Report – In Accordance Core

GRI Report Table 2015 – Investing, Improving, Innovating

2015 GRI (G4) Summary Table 

GRI Report Table 2014 – Connectivity in the Landscape 

2014 GRI Level C Response

GRI Report Table 2013 – Building Sustainable Supply Chains 

2013 GRI Level C Response

CR&S Report 2013 GRI Summary Table

GRI Report Table 2012 – Growing Responsibly

GRI Level C Response

GRI Summary Table