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Given the extent of our business – sourcing, trading, growing, processing and distributing crops and raw industrial materials, many considered to be ‘high-risk’ sustainability-wise, and in many in emerging markets, Olam has a wide and diverse stakeholder base. Engagement therefore happens at every level of the business, across products, geographies and functions. 

Our stakeholders include:

  • Employees and contract workers
  • Investors
  • Large and small-scale farmer suppliers
  • Communities
  • Customers from multinational brands and retailers to SMEs
  • Campaigning NGOs
  • Technical NGOs who are partners in many cases
  • Financiers, including Development Finance Institutions
  • Governments
  • Regulatory bodies such as the commodity exchanges
  • Industry standard bodies
  • Trade associations
  • Certification partners
  • Foundations
  • Research Institutions

We are committed to following the Free, Prior and Informed Consent process for engagement with communities and have grievance procedures in place. A specific grievance procedure for palm oil can be found here.

For an update on our stakeholder engagement, please see our latest sustainability report.

We welcome questions – please email