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Charter Principles 2017 key facts
1. Finance
  • Financing not required for Turkish hazelnut farmers
2. Improved yield       
  • 2,870 farmers trained in Good Agricultural Practices
3. Labour practices
  • 100% farmers received labour and decent work training
  • Meetings with seasonal/migrant workers helped them understand their legal rights and there is a particular focus on child labour
4. Market access
  • 8,922 tonnes procured from 8,614 hectares
5. Quality
  • US$305,614 paid in certification and quality premiums
6. Traceability
  • 100% tonnage is traceable
  • 1,663 metric tonnes certified (Organic and UTZ)
7. Social and infrastructure investment
  • 100% farmers were sensitised on the importance of school and education
  • Summer School was provided for the children of 1,119 seasonal migrant workers
  • 307 children took part in sessions to help them understand their rights
8. Environmental impact
  • 147 farmers provided with waste containers and trained in how to prevent storage areas from pests, to encourage Good Agricultural Practices.

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