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Charter Principles 2016 key facts
1. Finance
  • US$13.6 million in short-term financing
  • US$13.3 million in medium and long-term financing
2. Improved yield       
  • 33,021 farmers trained in Good Agricultural Practices
  • 264 demonstration plots and 369 model farms
  • 10,122 tonnes of seeds distributed
3. Labour practices
  • Over 33,000 farmers trained in good labour practices
4. Market access
  • 57,973 tonnes procured from 115,410 hectares
5. Quality
  • US$845,878 paid to farmers in premiums
  • 700 farmers in Côte d’Ivoire benefited from improved post-harvest assets
6. Traceability
  • 52,648 hectares (46%) GPS mapped
7. Social and infrastructure investment
  • 3,000 people benefited from healthcare awareness and provision (especially sensitisation and testing for HIV).
  • 355 people benefited from sanitation infrastructure in Zimbabwe
  • 5,500 people in Zimbabwe and Côte d’Ivoire benefited from improved drinking water infrastructure
  • 473 people attended literacy courses in Côte d’Ivoire
8. Environmental impact
  • 26,600 farmers in Mozambique trained on soil fertility management
  • 12,251 farmers trained on Integrated Pest Management
  • 43,000 hectares in Côte d’Ivoire benefited from sustainable water management training given to the farmers

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Note: For the previous 4 years, we ran an OLC programme in Zambia but this ended in 2016 due to a change in business strategy. Such decisions are not taken lightly but we know that the farmers have the benefit of 4 years under the OLC.