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Charter Principles 2015 key facts
1. Finance
  • US$22.9 million of high-quality agri-inputs provided on credit to farmers throughout the growing season (medium-term finance)
2. Improved yield       
  • 830 farmer field demonstration plots established for a ‘teaching by example’ approach to training and the transfer of learnings
  • 5,766 tonnes of planting seeds distributed free to farmers
3. Labour practices
  • 89,511 farmers trained on good labour practices
4. Market access
  • 87,680 tonnes procured at fair market price
5. Quality
  • US$1.0 million paid to farmers in certification and quality premiums
6. Traceability
  • 97,934 hectares (33% mapped by GPS through OFIS)
  • 99% of tonnage is traceable and 86% is certified
    – BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and CmiA (Cotton made in Africa)
7. Social and infrastructure investment Included:

  • rural health and nutrition campaigns
  • 2 boreholes constructed
  • financing the construction of a primary school and teacher housing
  • adult literacy classes in over 20 villages
  • repairing feeder roads, and
  • support for food crops
8. Environmental impact
  • 92,605 farmers received training on Good Agricultural Practices, covering land preparation, conservation agriculture techniques, integrated pest management, and safe chemical handling.

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