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Charter Principles 2015 key facts
1. Finance
  • US$2,052,223 in short-term financing
  • US$438,785 in medium-term financing
2. Improved yield       
  • 18,292 farmers received training on Good Agricultural Practices
  • 280 demonstration plots established for practical learning sessions
  • 972,357 seedlings of improved coffee varieties distributed
3. Labour practices
  • 13,672 farmers trained on good labour practices
  • 750 lockable sheds provided for safe pesticide storage for coffee farmers and their communities in Vietnam
4. Market access
  • 88,395 tonnes procured (18% increase on 2014)
5. Quality
  • US$1.5 million paid to farmers in certification and quality premiums
  • Provided drying facilities for improved quality in Tanzania and Indonesia
6. Traceability
  • 100% of tonnage is traceable
  • 97% certified Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, 4C, Starbucks C.A.F.E. Practices, Nespresso AAA
7. Social and infrastructure investment
  • New dispensary built in Tanzania
  • Supported Ugandan farmers with solar lights and fuel-efficient cook stoves for climate-friendly improvements to their living conditions
  • Built an aqueduct in Indonesia and provided a step-down transformer to provide electricity for a village in Cameroon
  • Built a school library in Indonesia and provided school materials for children in Honduras
  • 1,430 farmers supported to establish 743 beehives in Tanzania (beekeeping improves coffee yields and provides an additional income source for farmers).


8. Environmental impact
  • 32,243 farmers trained on soil fertility management

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