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Charter Principles 2015 key facts
1. Finance
  • Provision of Integrated Pest Management kits for each farmer
2. Improved yield       
  • All farmers received training on Good Agricultural Practices and improved labour practices
  • 94 farmer field schools or demonstration plots established for practical learning sessions
3. Labour practices
  • All farmers received training in good labour practices, with a focus on child labour, safe pesticide use and science-based management of the farm.
4. Market access
  • 3,904 tonnes purchased from 1,293 hectares (31% increase on 2014)
5. Quality
  • US$0.44 million paid to farmers in certification and quality premiums
  • 90% of farmers qualified for premiums meeting European Union regulations as a result of Integrated Crop Management programme for pest control and post-harvest storage minimising chemical and fertiliser residue levels
  • Supported 80 farmers (250 hectares) to produce organic chilli
6. Traceability
  • 100% of tonnage is traceable
7. Social and infrastructure investment
  • Installed 2 water purifying plants and 1 borehole, supplying potable water to about 4,700 people in and around 3 communities in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states.


8. Environmental impact
  • 259 hectares mapped by GPS to better understand the farmers’ landscapes
  • Supported 80 farmers (250 hectares) to produce organic chilli using organic fertilisers and bio-pesticides

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