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Planting a seedling in the Ivory Coast

Olam Livelihood Charter

The Olam Livelihood Charter (OLC) formalises our long-standing commitment to invest in the rural communities of emerging countries across the world and we are committed to play an ongoing lead role in strengthening farmers within the global supply chain. We aim to bring prosperity to our farming and rural communities. We build long-term relationships based on fairness and trust. We seek to transfer skills and knowledge through partnerships.

OLC – application of 8 principles:

1. Finance

We offer farmer groups interest-free short
and long-term finance for crop production,
purchasing and asset investments.

5. Quality

We encourage farmers to produce
good quality by enhancing value
to farmers and our customers

2. Improved Yield

We invest in training and support farmers with the supply of inputs.

6. Traceability

We ensure products can be tracked
to source and certified where

3. Labour Practices

We educate farmers on child labour, safety, gender and financial issues.

7. Social Investment

We support rural health, education
and infrastructure.

4. Market Access

We offer farmers a fair and competitive price.

8. Environmental Impact

We are improving our overall environmental
footprint across the supply chain.