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Key Memberships & Partners


African Cashew Alliance

(Advisory Board Member)
European Cocoa Association
(Board Member)

Istanbul Hazelnut Exporters Union

(Board Member)
Almond Board of Australia
(Vice Chair)
Federation of Cocoa Commerce
Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil
(Alternate Board Member)
American Peanut Council
(Board Member)
Forest Stewardship Council
(General Assembly)
Smallholder Acceleration and Redd+ Program (SHARP)
(Executive Board Member)
American Spice Trade Association
(Board Member and Chair of Food Safety Committee)
Global Cashew Council
Tropical Forest Foundation
(Board Member)

Association of Cotton Merchants in Europe (ACME)

(Board Member)
Green Coffee Association
(Board Member)
World Cocoa Foundation
(Board Member)

Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux

(Board Member)
Hazelnut Promotion Group (Turkey)
(Board Member)

World Spice Organisation

(Executive Committee Member)
Better Cotton Initiative
(Board Member)
Indian Oilseeds and Produce Export Promotion council (IOPEPC)(Board Member)
International Nuts
and Dried Fruits Council
(Board of Directors)

California League of Food Processors

(Executive Committee & Board Member)
International Cocoa Association
(Executive Board Member)
International Cotton Association
(Associate Director)

Cocoa Association of Asia

International Cocoa Initiative
(Board Member)
Cocoa Merchants Association of America
(Committee Member)
Combined Edible Nuts Trade Association
(Vice Chair)
The Rubber Trade Association of Europe
The Rubber Trade of Singapore