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Olam observes a high standard of corporate governance in keeping with its overarching philosophy of delivering consistent financial performance with integrity. We strongly support the principles of openness, integrity and accountability as set out in the Code of Corporate Governance 2005 and in our Code of Conduct. 

We have 2 tiers of governance to implement, monitor and evaluate the delivery of the CR&S strategy as an intrinsic part of the daily business operations – the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) Board Committee and the CR&S Executive Committee. Products and regions also have their own sustainability teams, taking direction from the Committees, the CR&S Function, Product Heads, and Region and Country Heads. A Code of Conduct provides the key standards and policies to which all employees must adhere. It also encourages and provides a channel for employees to report possible improprieties, unethical practices etc. in good faith and confidence without fear of reprisals or concerns.

Olam CR&S Board Committee

Our Board CR&S Committee, chaired by non-executive and independent director, Jean-Paul Pinard, monitors and evaluates progress of the Executive CR&S Committee and works to detailed terms of reference, documented in the Annual Report. The performance  of the Board CR&S Committee is evaluated by the Board of Directors. The Board holds regular meetings to review the operations, business and performance of the Company.

CR&S Board Committee members:

Olam CR&S Executive Committee

The Executive CR&S Committee reports to the CR&S Board Committee.  It has representation from across the geographical regions, as well as experts from across our upstream operations, smallholder supply chains, as well as Treasury.

The Committee is chaired by Gerard Manley, who has over 30 years’ experience in the cocoa and chocolate industry and through his many industry memberships has helped to advance sustainability across the cocoa supply chain.

The activities of the CR&S Committee and the Function itself are managed by Dr Christopher Stewart, Global Head of CR&S. Christopher was previously Head of CR&S for our Gabon operations.

Both Gerard Manley and Christopher Stewart report directly to the CR&S Board Committee.

CR&S Executive Committee members:

  • Gerard Manley – Managing Director and CEO, Olam Cocoa
  • Dr Christopher Stewart – Global Head, CR&S
  • Chris Brown –  VP, CR&S Environment
  • Dave DeFrank – Senior VP, Almonds and CR&S USA
  • Juan Antonio Rivas – Senior VP, Andean and Central America
  • Moray McLeish – VP, CR&S Asia
  • Jayant Parande – President, Treasury
  • Supramaniam Ramasamy – President and Global Head, Plantations
  • MD Ramesh – President, South and East Africa
  • M Satyamurthy – Senior VP, Brazil and Latin South America Cluster

The CR&S Committee and Function also work closely with Manufacturing and Technical Services, Risk and Internal Audit, Human Resources, Treasury, Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations. All relevant product and country staff have CR&S objectives included in their individual performance appraisals.