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Responsible use of water for our own needs without impacting the needs of others

Optimising water use is one of the greatest contributions Olam can make to global food security and health.  Changing climatic conditions and rapid alterations in land and water use in many regions, driven by intensifying demand from population growth, dietary changes and economic growth, have increased the threat to the supply, quality and reliability of water for people across the world.

In 2013 we made a public commitment to reduce consumption in our direct operations. In 2016, we achieved a 31% improvement in irrigation and process water per tonne of product for our own operations. In addition, under the Olam Livelihood Charter, as well as other initiatives, we are focused on supporting third party farmer suppliers to reduce their water impacts. We recently completed a 2-year term on Steering Committee of UN CEO Water Mandate, also co-sponsoring the Sustainable Agriculture section in the Water Action Hub.

Read more about the challenges we face, our approach and our goals in the Water section of the FY16 Annual Report. You can also review our goals here.

Water - progress on goals


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