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Not just jobs for the men!

But it’s not just processing where women from rural communities are able to find employment. Our Zambian coffee subsidiary Northern Coffee Corporation Limited (NCCL) are championing workplace diversity by introducing a training programme for women tractor drivers in the coffee estates. Based in Kasama, Northern Zambia, this programme is aiming to promote economic development and create role models whilst also tracking the progress towards women empowerment and gender equality.

The training programme lasts 2 weeks, with its main focus being on how to train these women to operate the heavy duty tractors safely. With practical instructions being a key component of the training, the women learn to handle and understand the maintenance aspects of the machines.

The coffee estates now have 5 fully trained women drivers, with Paul Bebbington, General Manager at NCCL saying, “When we hired the first female tractor driver on the farm, there were a few raised eyebrows from men working at the estate… By launching the tractor driver training programme, we created an opportunity for women to become role models and become an inspiration to their peers.”

This new initiative set up by the NCCL management has taken steps to create diversity on the estates, which also has a positive business and social impact. More and more rural women are becoming leaders and changing agents of economic growth by seeking jobs to increase their income and promote an environment for social change.