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Material Areas - Labour Providing a safe workplace where everyone’s rights are respected

ILO standards; fair wages; fair standards; working environment; education; child and forced labour

Ensuring Olam is a fair employer of a healthy workforce is essential for managing business risk and productivity. All employees and contractors are governed by the Olam Code of Conduct and International Labour Organization (ILO) compliant labour standards. In our third party sourcing, the labour situation is much more complex, with intermediaries and an extended network of 4 million farmers, the majority of whom are in highly rural areas of emerging markets.

Poverty and a lack of schools and sanitation, particularly for girls, coupled with a culture of passing on farming knowledge to the younger generation, increase the risk of child labour. Tackling these issues requires concerted collaboration and agreed partnerships among governments, communities, business, trade associations, and NGOs.

Read more on the challenges we face, our goals and our progress in the Labour section of the FY16 Annual Report.

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