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Food Security and Nutrition

Improving access to affordable food

The challenges that face agriculture today – climate change, water scarcity, availability of arable land, energy sources, and a rapidly rising and increasingly wealthy population – all ultimately impact on our global food security. After 27 years operating at farmgate across the world and 8 years in our own plantations and farms, our experience and data has taught us that there are 10 priorities. We strive to play our role in each, for the good of our communities and the future strength of our supply chains and business.

Olam’s 10 priorities to increase food security

  1. Increase productivity / yield on smallholder farms
  2. Increase productivity / yield on large-scale farms while at the same time catalysing food production in the region through supported outgrower programmes
  3. Better nutrition through education, crop diversification and producing healthy packaged foods
  4. Reduce immediate post-harvest losses and food waste
  5. Invest in agri-infrastructure
  6. Improve water usage/irrigation efficiency
  7. Invest in research to improve farm productivity
  8. Reduce land degradation through zero till farming
  9. Support policy frameworks that seek inclusive and sustainable growth for all countries
  10. Lead private and public partnerships to enable initiatives to scale up and replicate

Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security 

The Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security was launched in partnership with Agropolis Foundation, a scientific foundation that supports agricultural research. It was established to recognise outstanding scientific innovation for its potential impact on the availability, affordability, accessibility or adequacy of food, as well as to support research to further its development. The inaugural prize was awarded in March 2015 to Cornell University’s SRI International Network and Resources Center (SRI-Rice), whose research on the System of Rice Intensification is having a transformative impact on food security in over 50 developing countries around the world. Find out more about their work here.

Reducing Post-Harvest Losses – Olam Rice Cameroon

From 2012-2016 the Olam Cameroon Rice Team saved 50 million servings of rice by adopting simple protocols to reduce food losses across the segments of the supply chain under their control. Read the full case study here.

Read more on the challenges we face and our progress in the Food Security section of the FY16 Annual Report. You can also review our goals here.

Food security and nutrition progress on goals






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