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Tanzanian coffee farmer

Olam’s Goals

Our 7 material areas and 10 goals align to both our business requirements and to some of the world’s greatest developmental challenges: food security, water security, energy security, climate change, sustainable growth, and inclusive growth. These challenges directly impinge on our sustainability as an agri-business.

Our wide reach across global agricultural supply chains places us in a unique position to positively impact the 3 pillars of sustainable development: people, planet and prosperity. We therefore uphold the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly “Zero Hunger”, “Good Health and Well-Being”, “Sustainable Consumption”, “Climate Action” and “Partnerships”. We continually review and strengthen our sustainability Goals and Objectives to ensure that they drive our strategies toward responsible growth, and have set 12 new objectives for 2020.

For example, our long-standing commitment to workers’ rights is formalised with new objectives for diversity, and for compliance with ILO principles, and we are stepping up our fight against the worst forms of child labour among suppliers. Our Packaged Foods Business (PFB) and Grains business are already combatting malnutrition in West Africa by producing micro-nutrient fortified foods. New environmental targets have been set for renewable energy, reducing GHG emissions, and participating in water stewardship programmes. We have also revised some goals due to changes in business strategy, or, as in the case of our post-harvest loss goal, due to measurement practicalities. However, as can be seen by our Goals below and in reading our Material Areas, we made substantial progress in 2015 and have already made strong in-roads to 2016. We take this opportunity to thank all of the teams in Olam, and to our partners, who are gradually turning each Goal into reality.

Image: a Tanzanian coffee farmer in the Olam Aviv outgrower programme.

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Economic opportunity and inclusion; good health and well-being

Sustainable development of land-based eco-systems

Sustainable use of water resources

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions; increased resilience to climate-related risks

Zero harm workplace; respect for workers' rights

Goals 7 and 8 Labour

Food security and nutrition

Food security goals

Safe and reliable foods for our customers