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Progress on Water goals

Goal 4 covers the sustainable use of water resources.  We have introduced one new objective for 2016-2020: Long-term equitable water access and usage.

Some additional context to our objectives and targets

As can be seen from the table, we are delighted that we have been able to deliver our 2020 water goal for Olam’s plantations, concessions and farms 5 years early by reducing the amount of water used for irrigation from a 2013 baseline of 5,532m3/MT of product to 4,350m3/MT of product for 2015. We shall determine a revised 2020 target for our own irrigation during 2016.

While we have already hit our targets for 2015 and 2020 for our plantations, concessions and farms we have not achieved the 10% reduction in process water intensity in Olam Tier 1 factories from our 2013 baseline.  We need to revisit and determine a revised 2020 target and improvement action plan following two significant changes:

  • You can only manage what you measure so we undertook a programme to improve water metering across our Tier 1 processing and manufacturing sites. We now have a complete picture of our water consumption which shows we consume more than our baseline estimations showed in 2013
  • During 2015 our US SVI business undertook a number of operational improvements and several procedural changes to further enhance the food safety requirements set by customers and the trade-off was a significant increase of water use in production.

Water goals