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Embracing international standards in Tanzania

In our 2014 Report we highlighted the approach taken to managing water in our Aviv Coffee plantation in Tanzania. 

During 2015 we adopted the stepwise methodology shown to align our operations with the requirements of The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard launched by the International Water Stewardship Standard in 2014 to guide and recognise responsible water use and collective action on water risks by private sector water users.

AWS stated that although Olam Aviv was already performing well as a water steward, implementing the standard bolstered our efforts. The full AWS case study can be read here but examples of significant change driven by the Standard include:

  • Improved water quality management and pollution control
  • Greater ability to demonstrate compliance with the water use permit and protect environmental flow so that activities don’t impact on others
  • Strengthened approach to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) provision at the plantation for our workers, and globally as a result of working through the AWS Standard.

Olam Aviv is also co-investing in the establishment of the Upper Ruvuma Water User Association, which includes representatives from local villages, government and other users to share resources and knowledge for a more co-ordinated strategy.

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