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Community rights and land tenure

One of the greatest risks to the success of our upstream activities is if we fail to gain the acceptance of the communities. Not just at the start of the programme but every day going forward. We therefore adhere to the Free Prior and Informed Consent Process (FPIC) for all new developments, and aim to maintain that dialogue as a matter of course.

In 2015 we participated in the Interlaken Group’s development of a Guide for Companies on Respecting Land and Forest Rights. Published in August 2015, it provides support for companies wanting to align their operations with the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of which Olam is already a signatory.

In terms of our own operations in 2015, we did not need to undertake any new FPIC engagement. Instead, we continued to deliver on our Social Contracts we had made in previous years.

Read in this section updates on community rights in and land tenure for:

Image: checking a solar lamp in a village in Gabon.

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