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How Olam contributes to food security – SDG2 Target 2.2

SDG2 Target 2.2

“By 2030, end all forms of malnutrition, including achieving, by 2025, the internationally agreed targets on stunting and wasting in children under 5 years of age, and address the nutritional needs of adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women and older persons.”

One of the most exciting nutrition achievements for 2015 has to come from our Packaged Foods Business (PFB), which manufactures and distributes food staples in West Africa, and our Grains Business.

In 2015 they helped to reduce the risk of malnutrition by producing over 24 billion servings of micronutrient fortified foods manufactured and sold across West Africa. These included:

  • 330 million servings of micronutrient fortified biscuits – Milky Magic in Ghana (Vitamins A, B, and E, plus iron, iodine, calcium, zinc and folic acid) and Energro All Milk in Nigeria (21.7% RDA calcium)
  • 60.7 million servings of fortified yogurt drinks / juices (FreshYo and Frumil brands)
  • and 23.65 billion servings of fortified flour (Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Cameroon)

One fortified product launch in 2015 was Tasty Tom Enriched Tomato Mix – this already popular product for everyday cooking is now fortified with extra fibre to improve digestion and Vitamin A, D, E and K which are essential for ensuring good eyesight, immunity, muscular growth and building strong bones in children and families. The natural redness, thickness and taste the Tasty Tom Tomato brand is known for has been maintained. In 2015 PFB manufactured and sold 536 million servings in Ghana and Nigeria.

FreshYo Yoghurt

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