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Innovating for quality and changing trends

In addition to other centres, Olam has 5 major global innovation and quality centres around the world. They are:

  • Fresno, California for Spices and Vegetable Ingredients
  • Koog, Netherlands for Cocoa
  • Bangalore, India for Packaged Foods
  • Johor, Malaysia for Dairy
  • HCMC, Vietnam for Coffee

Exciting initiatives in 2015 include:

Olam Cocoa meets clean label needs

Following the acquisition of ADM Cocoa, Olam Cocoa added four product support and development centres in Brazil, USA, the Netherlands and Singapore to its established centres in Spain and the UK. Today 40 research and development professionals looking at tailor-made solutions for confectionery, bakery, beverage and dessert applications, supported by comprehensive quality testing and precision processing.

Part of Olam Cocoa’s new product offering deZaan®’s TRUEDARK™ cocoa powder was shortlisted in the category of Best Natural Innovation at the 2015 Food Ingredients Innovation Awards. Using unique, proprietary technology, the Cocoa Innovation Centre team developed the first non-alkalised cocoa powder, which is set to have a revolutionary impact on the cocoa ingredient market by meeting increasing demand for clean label ingredients.

Olam Spices and Vegetable Ingredients (SVI) publishes scientific paper on paprika

Olam SVI has over 40 research and development, application and quality assurance specialists working in 12 locations around the world. Together they provide a spectrum of services encompassing technical documentation, analytical methods and scientific and regulatory affairs solutions to ensure customers receive the best science-based information and support in the usage of our products

In 2015, Olam SVI published its first research paper in the Journal of Food Processing and Technology, a peer reviewed scientific journal.

Titled “Effect of storage conditions on rate of colour degradation in Paprika based products” the paper brings out the key contributing factors and rate of colour degradation, one of the priority quality parameters in paprika, chilli peppers and chilli powders commercially sold worldwide.

Continuing to promote knowledge-sharing and collaboration, SVI also partnered with California State University, Fresno, during 2015 to create a sensory laboratory in the Jordan Research Center, which is expected to open in the spring of 2016.

Olam Coffee opens certified cupping lab near Manhattan

The opening of a new coffee cupping lab in Purchase, just 40 minutes outside of Manhattan, now makes Olam Americas Coffee a SCAA-certified “teaching campus” in the greater New York area. The lab boasts all the necessary equipment needed to thoroughly analyse, roast, and cup the best quality coffee; including scales, colour sensors, moisture sensors, roasters and grinders. The lab also gives Olam the opportunity to host a number of coffee industry events that will also serve to promote Olam Americas Coffee. (‘Coffee cupping’ is the practice of testing the aroma, taste and other sensory qualities of brewed coffee.)

Olam SVI enhances product integrity for spices with new steam steriliser in India

Steam sterilisation for spices is employed across our processing facilities in India, Vietnam and the USA.  During 2015, SVI added a new line for steam sterilisation of spices (red chilli, turmeric, coriander, black pepper) at the India facility so it now has two steam sterilisation lines.

A new line for the steam sterilisation of capsicum (paprika)-based products was also added to the facility in Las Cruces, New Mexico.