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Food Safety

Olam is committed to improving food safety and quality across our business.  We strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for consistent quality and food-safe products through the diligent application of our robust quality and compliance programmes, from plantations and farms through to our value-adding processes, and a ‘right first time’ culture.

In this section we cover:

Why food safety and quality is material to our business

For an agri-business supplying food ingredients, food safety is really ‘table stakes’. Our customers should have confidence that we have robust systems in place at each stage of the supply chain so that health risks are removed.

Preventative Controls in managing food safety will therefore come to the fore across the USA, with Government agencies granted increased powers to carry out investigations and prosecute errant food companies with criminal liability. As part of the FSMA rules, the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) will require importers of food products into the United States to undertake verification programmes to ensure “preventative controls” supply chains outside of the country.

In parallel, consumers are increasingly looking for products that taste good without compromising health and wellness. Trends include organic, reduced sugar and sodium, preference for natural colours and flavours over synthetic, minimal processing and non GMO, gluten and allergen-free. The growing call for transparency across the food chain is now an authentic demand.

Globally integrated food companies with both significant supply chain controls and innovation centres like Olam are therefore better positioned to help customers meet the needs of these regulations and trends.

* Food Safety Systems Certification ** BRC Global Standards

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