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Ethics and Integrity

Olam places great emphasis on our cultural values. One that is particularly reflective of Olam’s history and culture is ‘Entrepreneurship – ‘we dare to dream’. However, this must not come at the cost of our Integrity – another of our 6 values. Being entrepreneurial does not give us the licence to cut corners or make mistakes thinking we can avoid our accountability and Ownership – another of our values.

In January 2015, the Learning & Development Centre of Excellence led by Janaky Grant, initiated the ‘Living our Shared Values’ programme which was custom-designed and delivered in partnership with Executive Committee members and HR Regional partners. They defined 3 objectives:

  • To re-engage our people and gain a nuanced understanding of our Shared Values. Through candid discussions the workshops explored how our Values are evolving to support our business today and their impact on the way we work in Olam
  • To explore where our Values are best lived and to capture stories of them in action. Also explore where our Values are not fully lived, the dilemmas that hold us back and commitments we can make in support of the values
  • To emphasise the role of leadership in espousing our Shared Values and inspiring their teams

Over 1,000 colleagues from Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Dubai, India, Singapore, Gabon, South and East Africa, Shanghai, UK, Russia, USA, Latin America and Business Units including Wood Products and Packaged Foods, participated in these highly engaging and interactive workshops. They included a cross section of our employees from Band A to front line supervisory leaders. These Value sessions are planned to continue in 2016, re-engaging and deepening the nuanced experience of our Values. These sessions also form an integral part of our Core Process Workshop anchored by our CEO when inducting our managers into Olam.

Janaky explains, “I believe the year-long values intervention has strengthened our collective understanding of our core beliefs that define what it means to be an ‘Olamite’. The sessions were powerful in liberating our peoples’ voices, not only when exploring the competing commitments around values felt to be the least lived but also celebrating the values that have been the pillars of our unique culture over 26 years of our growth.”

In addition to our Values, and core purpose of Growing Responsibly, Olam has a Code of Conduct to which all employees must abide. It sets out the Group’s commitment in policies and shared values to “do what is right”.

This was updated in 2015 and was signed off by the Board in February 2016 for company-wide roll-out. Key sections in the Code of Conduct include:

  • Compliance with law, rules and regulations
  • Dealings with stakeholders (including fairness; governments and related authorities; bribery; gifts and services)
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Environment and social
  • Work environment
  • Confidentiality
  • Reporting under the Code including safeguard from retaliation
  • Process for Code of Conduct violation reporting

Olam anti-fraud poster

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