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Indonesian cocoa farmer

2015 Sustainability Highlights

Helping rural communities to thrive so farmers want to stay farming

  • 215 ongoing community-based initiatives globally supporting productivity, education, health and rural infrastructure
  • Launch of the Olam Healthy Living Campaign which will reach over 270,000 people in Africa
  • Winner of the Sustainable Business Awards Singapore for Sustainability in the Community category

Using technology to assist smallholders and reduce risk 

  • Roll‑out of the Olam Farmer Information System (OFIS) enabling production of individual farm management plans for thousands of cocoa smallholders
  • GPS mapped almost 200,000 smallholder owned hectares (134% increase on 2014). Provides better understanding of the agri‑landscape, and identifies where schools and healthcare facilities are lacking

Promoting agricultural research and innovation

  • Inaugural Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security awarded to the SRI International Network and Resources Center housed at Cornell University, New York, for game-changing rice production methodology

Preserving natural resources for the future and for others 

Land and forest

  • Updated our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy with our Commitment to Forest Conservation
  • First company globally to complete a High Conservation Value assessment according to the HCV Resource Network for palm
  • First company to field test the HCS+ methodolgy for palm


  • 2020 water targets for Olam plantations and farms achieved by end of 2015 (>10% improvement in blue water intensity)
  • 120,000 OLC farmers trained in sustainable water management

Mitigating and adapting to climate change impacts

  • Achieved Olam’s 2020 greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity targets for plantations / farms, and Tier 1 processing
  • Co-Chair with Pepsico, Kellogg Company and Monsanto on the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) ‘Low Carbon Technology Partnership initiative for Climate Smart Agriculture’. Olam leads on supporting smallholders

Taking a leadership role at an industry level 

  • Completed 2‑year term on the Steering Committee of the UN CEO Water Mandate
  • Became a board member of the Sustainable Coffee Program
  • Contributing to the development of an Industry Rubber Standard
  • Participated in events at the Paris Climate Talks
  • Supporting governance and business management skills in emerging markets with launch of Postgraduate Scholarship Programme for Change Catalysts in Africa

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