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Olam Living Landscapes Policy

Unsustainable conversion or over-exploitation of forests and other natural habitats for food, fuel, fibre and other purposes threatens our natural life support systems, including soil, air, water, all living things, and the global climate, with serious implications for future generations.

Agriculture faces the immense challenge of producing enough food and fibre for 9.5 billion people by 2050, whilst alleviating poverty, providing employment and decent livelihood opportunities in rural areas, and conserving natural habitats and biodiversity. A response based mainly on doing less harm, focusing efforts to eliminate unacceptable practices such as deforestation at the scale of individual farms or plantations, or on incremental improvements by companies representing a small fraction of the supply chain, will not be sufficient to meet these challenges. Instead, we need to reimagine global agriculture, shifting away from destructive resource extraction, and towards a net positive impact at scale based on the creation and restoration of natural and social capital within living landscapes.

The Olam Living Landscapes Policy aims to deliver a triple positive impact in the places where we source and grow our products, working across our businesses and with our partners to create and sustain Living Landscapes, where prosperous farmers, thriving rural communities, and healthy ecosystems coexist.

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