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We actively seek logistic solutions to reduce emissions. Measures include:

  • Enhancing Service Provider contracts to include sustainability practices
  • Long-term contracting and direct management of more efficient bulk shipping

Our move into the midstream sector has decreased the distance travelled, and therefore energy used, by some of our raw produce, now that processing takes place in origin markets close to the point of production. For example:

  • We have reduced the need to export 60,000 tonnes of cashew from Africa to India through the construction of our two new state-of-the-art mechanical processing facilities
  • Our move to ‘dark warehouse/packaging operations’ in Australia allows automated plants to run with no lighting
  • Warehouses have been built in West Africa as logistics hubs closer to production to ensure efficient aggregation and for semi processing of products. This cuts carbon through the unnecessary freight of waste material which can be used as fuel in the processing units.