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Olam Sustainability Standard Framework (Policies, Codes)

The Olam Sustainability Standard Framework is made up of a set of Policies, Codes and Standards addressing all of our business activities across the complete supply chain.

These activities and their impacts in turn have helped us to take a precautionary approach and prioritise our 7 material areas: Labour, Land, Water, Climate Change, Livelihoods, Food Security & Nutrition and Food Safety & Quality. This framework helps to promote and develop our sustainability beliefs and actions through consistent alignment, so that we can work on building end-to end sustainable supply chains by 2020, aided by our goals.

Our Codes, such as the Plantations, Concessions and Farms Code, tell our teams what they need to do, while our Standards tell them how to do it.  All are developed in line with with international standards, including BRC, IFC, RSPO, FSC® and ISO guidelines. Where international standards are lacking we are initiating industry discussion, for example, with the development of an International Rubber Standard through the Sustainable Natural Rubber initiative (SNRi).

Olam’s Codes and Policies