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CEO Spotlight

We have prioritised our focus issues, grouping them into six themes – Labour, Land, Water, Climate Change, Livelihoods, Food Security & Safety and have invested our resources to manage and measure our impact across the whole agri-value chain.

Our continued focus on a comprehensive Sustainability Standard, building on the highly commended Olam Livelihood Charter, as well as a set of codes that align us in a systemic, enterprise-wide manner, is a key driver in the business. Of note, the Olam Plantations Code, together with the Supplier Code, will play a significant role in building end-to-end sustainable supply chains.

In the last 12 months I have endorsed the UN CEO Water Mandate and we are signatories to the Public Statement on Land Governance which was tabled at the recent G8 meeting.

Making the right decisions for Olam means we must take into account the communities, people and ecosystems local to our operations. Everyone in the company is increasingly aware of their impact on ensuring the right outcomes are achieved so that we can manifest our common purpose ‘Growing Responsibly’ for the long-term benefit of suppliers, customers, shareholders and everyone relying on Olam for a livelihood.