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At Olam, sustainability is not just a buzzword. It is an element of our continuous improvement programme, and a core value that drives us forward in everything we do.

We understand that protecting our resources – from water and energy, to the many farming communities where we operate – is both good citizenship and smart business. By operating sustainably ourselves, we set an example for those who work with us, and contribute to our success and to that of our customer partners.

Sustainability in Action:

  • We have implemented a 70% increase in the number of hectares planted to drip irrigation, reducing irrigation water requirements by 30%
  • We have updated our harvester fleet to reduce nitrous oxide emissions by 50%

Our retro-commissioning process identifies sub-optimal performances in our existing equipment, allowing us to boost overall efficiency of our plant operations while reducing our global carbon footprint.

Please click here to view our case study: Closing the loop on tomato farming with General Mills.