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Product Quality & Variety

Boasting the largest spice-processing facility in Asia, we are able to capitalise on unparalleled economies of scale, investing in next-generation spice-milling technologies to deliver multiple mesh sizes that still maintain the quality of our spices.

Our technologically-advanced roller and pin mills are able to generate less powder and heat in an efficient, gentler milling process that also helps preserve the essential oils responsible for ensuring maximum flavour. Our unique cryogenic milling techniques add to the enhancement process, using “artificial ice” to grind these spices at approximately -20°C, further preserving their essential flavour oils. All our milling equipment employs the latest European technology, putting it at the vanguard of safety and processing quality.

We are committed to innovating our processes across the value chain, utilising next-generation process technologies, investing in product R&D, and building the most comprehensive global safety and sustainability knowledge base. Well supported by this technology, we are able to meet the expectations of our customers for accurate on-time shipments, in the process fulfilling contracts completely and reliably in the quickest possible time.