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Global Supply Chain

Over time, we have mastered the spice supply chain through our economies of scale, logistical expertise and our established footprint across international spice centres. We also participate in many food ingredient markets, enabling us to leverage shared costs and capabilities among our various divisions, increasing our overall efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our on-the-ground experience in key spice-growing regions has also enabled us to anticipate and proactively respond to market challenges.

Olam’s leading position lets us manage risk so our customers don’t have to. Our diversified origination operations help to create strategic adjacencies that mitigate any political, currency and crop risk while still maintaining supply chain integrity. Because we go straight to the point of origin, we are able to bypass any middlemen, thereby erasing potential inefficiencies that could delay delivery, and subsequently affect the bottom line of our customers. Our trading intelligence gives us the additional advantage of ‘right timing’ the market, making us the spice industry cost leader and saving money for our customers.