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We are the industry leader in supplying proprietary specialty vegetables:

  • Controlled Moisture (CM) Frozen Vegetables in flavour-forward varieties.*
  • GardenFrost® Softfrozen Purées.**
  • Ready-To-Eat Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) vegetables.
  • Diced and pureed peppers.

* Our CM technology eliminates excess water that occurs with traditional frozen vegetables, providing food applications with the perfect amount of water. Less water means concentrated flavour, colour and nutrition.
**GardenFrost “Softfrozen” vegetable purées provide true vegetable flavour and are operationally-friendly as they thaw quickly, saving time and labour. Our unique, custom blends can deliver ethnic flavour for global appeal.

Most of our specialty vegetables are Ready-To-Eat and can be used in applications that do not require further cooking. Whether looking for flavour, operational ease or food safety, our application specialists at our Global Innovation and Nutrition Centre located in California, can help our customers formulate safe, fresh-tasting, contemporary foods.