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Innovation & Quality Centre

Our new Innovation & Quality (IQ) centre located within Olam SVI headquarters in Fresno, Calif. combines the knowledge and expertise of our multiple innovation and quality assurance programmes to create an integrated offering in spices and vegetable ingredients.

The IQ centre is a comprehensive site comprised of a Product Development Kitchen, Microbiology Laboratory and Food Chemistry Laboratory where we collaborate with clients to prototype and optimise ingredients and finished product applications.

We’ve united our research capabilities and expertise in onions, garlic, capsicum and processing techniques under 1 roof to provide:

  • Centralised quality assurance and technical documentation
  • Elevated quality standards, efficiencies and cost-savings
  • Deep customer collaboration
  • Value-added, strategic finished product solutions
  • First-to-market innovation for the entire range of ingredients

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The Product Development Kitchen facilitates testing of ingredients through baking, cooking, freezing and batch pasteurisation. Olam SVI food technologists and culinary experts partner with clients to achieve custom products, culinary prototyping and value-added finished products.

The product development kitchen is designed to:

  • Promote learning, collaboration and experimentation
  • Develop products, test ingredients and complete sensory analyses
  • Prototype customised finished products based on customer needs and preferences