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Harvesting at an onion plantation


Olam is actively committed to economic, environmental and social sustainability. In the past few years, we have made changes to plant operations that have reduced our water consumption by over 75 million litres annually from previous levels.

Our proprietary higher-yielding seed varieties enable us to reduce the amount of land, water, and fuel required to produce our raw materials. Every dry pound of dehydrated onion processed by our US-based plants use approximately 400 litres of water compared to an average of 1,200 litres of water in onion processing plants in other parts of the world.

Our Fernley plant in Nevada, USA, is the only global dehydrated onion facility that uses environmentally-friendly geothermal power for its processing activity. Production from this plant has not only reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 2,600 metric tonnes of carbon equivalent, but has also provided greater economic benefit to the local community with the creation of more employment opportunities. In terms of social and economic benefits, we acquired and reopened a dehydration plant in Firebaugh, California in 2009 which resulted in the employment of more than 200 people directly and 1,000 people indirectly.

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