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Food Safety & Risk Management

We set store on letting our customers buy products in a smarter, safer and more sustainable way. Our diverse and vertically-integrated supply chains provide food safety assurance for our customers, minimising their risk of supply disruptions and price volatility.

With the majority of our raw materials being contract-grown using our proprietary seed, our in-house handling of harvesting, processing, inland and marine logistics and warehousing, we are able to effectively control product quality from the ‘field to the factory’. Our processing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and are also BRC-audited, assuring buyers of peace of mind even if only from a quality standpoint. Our presence in multiple geographies enables us to secure origin and market intelligence far earlier than our peers – it also provides us with a better ‘world view’ of demand and supply trends. This proprietary market intelligence is used to help our buyers make optimal purchasing decisions. We also provide VMI solutions to customers to minimise their inventory-carrying costs, ensuring there are no supply disruptions.