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Teak trees in Panama

Plantation Forests & Activities

Plantation forests on their own, are adequate to sustainably meet world demand for wood in the long run, thus reducing any pressure on natural forests. Currently though, only 15% of plantation forest wood is consumed worldwide, but this trend is expected to grow. Most of the increasing global demand for wood will come mainly from developing Asian markets like China and India, demand that is expected to be met by key plantation forest species like Pine, Teak and Eucalyptus. These are grown predominantly in Oceania, the USA, Brazil, Central America and Europe.

We entered the wood products business in 1994, and by leveraging our longstanding origin and consuming market relationships, we began participating in the teak trade flows from Ghana to India. Today, we are one of the largest suppliers in the world for plantation Teak round logs and sawn lumber, sourcing from West Africa and Latin America, and marketing to Asia.

Leveraging on our origination strengths and marketing presence, we have successfully grown our plantation business. However, we plan to continue owning and harvesting certified plantations in Latin America, to offer high-quality processed lumber for various end uses as well as to enhance our portfolio scope.