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All our forest concessions are in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) and managed by our subsidiary Congolaise Industrielle des Bois (CIB). CIB has been a pioneer in Responsible Forest Management in the Congo Basin with 4 Management Plans currently undertaken and one to more to be finalised by 2018.

CIB specialises in the responsible harvesting and processing of tropical hardwoods for a variety of uses including door and window frames, flooring, marine timber and furniture. CIB has been operating in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) since 1968. Our operations are headquartered in the northern region of the country, in Pokola. Today CIB is a major contributor to Olam’s Wood Products business, managing over 2 million hectares (ha) of natural forest of which about 1.3 million hectares are FSC® certified – one of the world’s largest contiguous FSC® certified tropical hardwood concessions*. Our most recent concession of around 671,000 hectares also leased from the Republic of Congo and will undergo the process for certification.

A further 92,000 hectares of North Pikounda concession are preserved as a carbon sink under a REDD+programme* in partnership with the Republic of Congo.

CIB is a firm supporter of joint efforts in developing and implementing best harvesting practices, working closely for years with international industry and trade institutions such as the Association Technique Internationale des Bois Tropicaux (ATIBT). We have strong links with technology and research institutions, both in Europe and in the tropics, and regularly invite scientific teams to work in our forest concessions.

*License numbers:

Type Certificate Code License Code Controlled Wood Code
FM/COC Pokola SGS-FM/COC-004705 FSC-C014998
FM/COC Kabo SGS-FM/COC-010641 FSC-C128941
FM/COC Loundoungou-T. SGS-FM/COC-008483 FSC-C104637