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Tractor moving pallets of wood in Brazil


Olam’s wood products are sold through 10 direct marketing offices in the world’s main consumption centres. We maintain a permanent presence in the Europe, India, Vietnam and China, countries that together account for 80% of global wood consumption.

Our strong on-ground presence enables us to provide superior customer service and establish lasting partnerships. It allows us to better anticipate short-term movements and long-term trends. This customer knowledge makes it possible to work closely with production units for maximising productivity, while maintaining a clear and transparent chain of custody. Olam’s marketing infrastructure permits broad and deep market access, in certain instances allowing delivery directly to end users.

Olam participates in third party sourcing and marketing of tropical timber but limits its activities to suppliers who are EUTR compliant and that they respect that laws of the land. Our team carries out a thorough Due Diligence of each supplier before we commence business relations with them.