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Olam strives to make its brand synonymous with Responsible Forest Management. As such, we aim to provide both our buyers and consumers with credible assurance that all our forests are managed in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We engage third-party independent forest certification schemes as part of this ambition, and actively monitor the demand of our clients for certified products, following which we aim to deliver labelled products.  Our forest concessions in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) follow the guidelines of The Forest Stewardship Council® which is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.  It is often a prerequisite on the public wood procurement policies of many governmental projects. As 1.3 million hectares in our concessions are FSC® certified*, we are managers of one of the largest contiguous FSC® certified tropical forest in the world. A new concession has successfully undergone an FSC® Controlled Wood assessment.

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Please click here to view a map corresponding to all of our concessions.

*License numbers:

Type Certificate Code License Code Controlled Wood Code
FM/COC Pokola SGS-FM/COC-004705 FSC-C014998
FM/COC Kabo SGS-FM/COC-010641 FSC-C128941
FM/COC Loundoungou-T. SGS-FM/COC-008483 FSC-C104637
COC Pokola Loundoungou-T. SGS-COC-002697 FSC-C005457 SGS-CW-002697
CW Mimbeli SGS-CW/FM-010975 FSC-C134436
COC Mimbeli SGS-COC-010949 FSC-C133997 SGS-CW-010949