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We are a universal supplier of all growths of cotton to the world’s textile markets, sourcing our cotton from all 4 major growing continents – Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Over the years, we have built up solid origination experience both in leveraging our knowledge and expertise to assist farmers and ginners obtain a fair price for their produce, and in providing them with guidance on better crop management practices. This, in turn, provides us with a consistent supply of good quality cotton.

Key Facts

Africa Expand

We have a dominant presence in Africa, with ginning operations in Zimbabwe, Côte d’Ivoire, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Nigeria. In working to help stakeholders develop crops through farmer extension services, seed distribution as well as the supply of other inputs, we have managed to improve crop yields and product quality to benefit both producers and consumers. We have also nurtured long-standing relationships as the preferred partner to various cotton marketing boards and ginners.

Asia Expand

We are now the leading supplier of medium and extra-long staple cotton in Central Asia. We have developed strong in-house qualities and capabilities to efficiently transport cotton from the region’s land-locked countries to major markets worldwide. In India, we have leveraged our long-term presence in other agricultural products to set up an extensive origination infrastructure across the country’s major growing regions. With over a decade of supplying imported and domestic cotton, we are now a major participant in the regional trade flow and enjoy strong franchising relationships with domestic spinning mills.

Americas Expand

In the USA, our business is well diversified with a marketing presence in Texas, Memphis, California and Arizona, and ginning and warehousing infrastructure in the latter two States. A leading supplier of Pima, SJV and Certified FibermaxTM cotton varieties in the USA, we also participate in the regional and domestic trade flows between the North and South American markets. In Brazil, we are a leading cotton exporter and have developed long-standing relationships with a large number of growers, providing them with innovative financial and risk-management solutions.

Australia Expand

With our acquisition of Queensland Cotton, we have established a dominant presence in Australia, built over decades through our strong relationships with growers for whom we provide marketing, ginning, classing, warehousing, logistics and seed marketing. We are recognised as an industry leader, a trusted supplier of premium quality cotton, and a preferred partner for many of the major textile mills worldwide.