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Cotton warehouse in Australia

Industrial Raw Materials

With our rich heritage in the textile industry, it was only natural that cotton was among the first businesses Olam established. Starting out from Nigeria, our business geographically expanded across West and East Africa, to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Europe and Australia. Within the value chain, we also evolved from being a cotton trader to becoming an integrated value chain facilitator, offering value-added risk management solutions to our customers from cotton farming to ginning.

Our wood products business began with our export of teak logs from West Africa to India. Over the last 16 years, this business has grown, evolving with our participation in critical parts of the value chain, from plantation and tropical forest concession ownership, to wood processing and distribution in critical Asian and European markets.

We re-entered the natural rubber business through our joint venture investment in Côte d’Ivoire, and are in the process of expanding our efforts into rubber plantations and processing in selected African and Asian markets.

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