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Beyond availability lies quality: Olam Rice brands are recognised and respected in all markets where we operate.  

Our distribution has experienced unprecedented growth. From our roots in Nigeria 25 years ago selling unbranded rice, we now have brands that top the popularity charts in each of our 3 main countries of operation.

With extensive warehousing and networks in destination markets, we are a strategic partner in the rice trade. Our end-to-end supply chain has seen several recognised brands go on shelf, with increasing penetration into individual markets over the years. The success of these rice brands are reflective of our insight into a diversity of markets, and our ability to cater to the exacting standards of varied consumer groups.

At Olam, we are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger. In an effort to meet the nutritional needs of undernourished consumers in our destination markets, we are working with DSM to develop and distribute fortified rice.

Olam rice brands

  • Ghana: ‘Royal Aroma’ Long Grain Mild Perfumed Rice, ‘Royal Feast’ Fragrant Jasmine Rice, ‘Mama Africa’ Premium White Rice
  • Nigeria: ‘Mama’s Pride’ premium local rice, ‘Mama Africa’ Premium White Rice
  • Cameroon: ‘Riz Meme Casse’ Fragrant Broken Rice, Bijou
  • Mozambique: ‘Royal Aroma’ Jasmine Rice, ‘Mama Africana’ Premium White Rice