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Olam seeks to engage with stakeholders across the palm sector. Below are recent reports and responses. For more information contact 

Mighty Earth

The Forests Dialogue

The Forests Dialogue (TFD) – a Yale-based programme promoting multi-stakeholder discussions on forest issues –  visited Olam’s palm plantation project in Mouila as part of a five-day event on how the concept of deforestation-free supply chains can be applied in western and central Africa, particularly in highly forested countries seeking to alleviate deep poverty through development.

Some 60 TFD participants from 15 countries spent two days in the field in Mouila in October 2017, visiting Olam’s oil palm nursery and plantations, ecological cultural conservation areas, villages surrounding our development and the GRAINE programme. Following this, they discussed and proposed practical action steps that could be implemented on behalf of their organisation or with other participants.


Forest Heroes