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Sustainability – Boosting Nigeria soybean production

Olam is one of the largest buyers of Nigerian soybeans, which are used as raw materials for our feed mills. Our investments into the sector will increase demand and create an export market for Nigerian soybeans.

Therefore, we are supporting further investments and capacity building in soybean processing, including on-going work with local companies to improve efficiencies and capacity utilisation.

We also want to enhance smallholder livelihoods, and are partnering with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Ibadan to promote high-quality seeds for farmers across Nigeria that are tailored to the country’s climactic conditions. We currently have 220 hectares of trial seed farming on our Kaduna site which we plan to gradually expand. Olam has set an ambitious target to increase Nigeria’s soybean production from 500 TMT to 2,000 TMT over next 5-7 years. This will not only make Nigeria self-sufficient on plant proteins, but a net soybean exporter.

Furthermore, we are identifying potential government, NGO and private sector partners to jointly develop farmer support and agronomy programmes, including training in Good Agricultural Practices.