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Poultry feed and day-old-chicks

Olam operates Nigeria’s largest integrated animal feed mill, poultry breeding farm and day-old-chick (DOC) hatchery in Kaduna, and manages another integrated poultry feed mill in Kwara.

Combined, our two state-of-the-art animal feed facilities can provide local farmers with 720,000 metric tonnes of poultry feed to address an ongoing supply gap of good quality and competitively priced animal feed in Nigeria.

Olam’s two poultry feed brands – Chikun and Ultima – are fortified with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and feed additives which meet national and international standards. To further ensure quality and safety, we are introducing heat-treated mash and pelleted feeds to Nigeria for the first time to ensure high microbial safety for our feed. Our advanced feed laboratory further assures quality at each state of production. All our chicks also receive full vaccination and environment-controlled transportation to protect their health.

Our DOC hatchery and poultry farm will produce Layers (for egg production), Broilers (for organised meat production) and Cockerels (for backyard meat production). At full capacity, this has the potential to help farmers add 8 billion eggs and 100 million kg of poultry meat in Nigeria each year; the equivalent of 40 eggs and 0.5 kg of chicken per person. Our team of field veterinarians will also train farmers on best poultry practices to increase their productivity.

Olam’s entrance into the poultry vertical will provide direct employment for over 250 workers and will create an additional 400-500 indirect jobs. As we source the majority of the poultry feed ingredients from local farmers – especially corn, soybeans and cassava – we will impact the livelihoods of more than 300,000 smallholder crop farmers.