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Animal Feeds & Protein

Olam made a strategic decision in 2015 in to expand into Animal Feed and Protein (AFP) in Nigeria as a natural adjacency to its Grains business. This was led by a strong growth outlook for the global animal feed industry, an existing supply gap within the country and a strong consumer demand for domestically produced protein.

In September 2017, we inaugurated the country’s largest poultry feed mill and day-old-chick facilities in Kaduna State. Concurrently, we also started production at our integrated poultry and fish feed mill in Kwara State.

As part of the enlarged Grains and Animal Feed platform, AFP builds on Olam’s existing strengths in origination and procurement to source input for the mills, utilises by-product from our wheat-milling business, and derives synergies from cross-sharing with our other operations in Nigeria.

Through our facilities, we will stimulate the entire poultry and fish farming sector by providing local farmers and distributors with high-quality feed and chicks at competitive prices, offering training for farmers on best poultry practices and creating thousands of direct and indirect rural employment opportunities.