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Cattle grazing in New Zealand


We operate our dairy farming business under New Zealand Farming Systems Uruguay (NZFSU), a company we wholly own. NZFSU currently operates 32 Dairy farms, and manages close to 29,000 hectares of land and 56,000 head of cattle, 38,000 of which are milking cows.

Through NZFSU, we presently sell all our milk on an exclusive basis to Conaprole. Having invested more than USD $300 million into the business, we are expecting to increase our milk production by 10% in 2014 and stabilise at around 300 million litres annually.

Dairy Farming – Russia

Russia is a large and growing market for dairy products and Olam’s 75% ownership in RUSMOLCO is aligned with its dairy strategy to selectively invest in an attractive value chain activity that provides a potential for profitable growth. Russia has strong demand for dairy, creating an increasing demand-supply gap. It is currently one of the world’s largest milk importers.

RUSMOLCO has a robust dairy farming platform and together with Olam, will invest in expansion, farm upgrades to international standards and the implementation of best practice farming programmes. In the first phase of expansion over 4 – 5 years, RUSMOLCO will construct new dairy farms, increasing the milking cow population from the current 4,500 heads to 15,000 heads.