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Quality control at warehouse in Nigeria

Supply Chain Business

Our supply-side dairy business began in 2004 with the supply of our first consignment of milk powders into Algeria, one of the world’s largest importing countries of full cream milk powders.  Today, we are one of the key players in the Algerian market, and have expanded our import and distribution operations into 14 countries across Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We trade volumes in excess of 200,000 tonnes annually, servicing mostly medium and small distributors and consumers.

We currently supply the complete range of dairy ingredients including:

  • Powders – Whole milk, skimmed milk and butter milk powders.
  • Fat products – Butter, anhydrous milk fat and butter blends.
  • Cheese – Hard, semi-hard and soft cheese, analog cheese.
  • Whey and milk derivatives – Sweet whey, demineralised whey, de-lactosed whey.
  • Milk and whey protein concentrates, permeates and lactose