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Storage at dairy in New Zealand


Our downstream business comprises two key components – we supply bulk packs to the industrial and repackaging segment, and directly market branded consumer packs in Africa.

For our industrial bulk packs, we cater mostly to small and medium-sized end users in Africa who use our ingredients to produce fresh consumer products like yoghurt and flavored milk, or repack them into sachets for direct consumption.

For our marketing side of the business, we sell branded dairy consumer packs in several African markets including Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Nigeria. These packs are available in tins, sachets and boxes of various sizes, and include our flagship brands “FreshYo and “Blueboat” in consumer packs, and “Grand Meadow” in 25kg bags. These products have enjoyed strong customer loyalty since their launch five years ago. Today, they are among the top three brands in most of the markets where they are sold.

We actively utilise a variety of marketing channels to engage our customers. These include wholesale, organised retail and modern store formats. We also run market development and promotional campaigns to enhance customer interaction, building greater advocacy for our brands in the process. For example, we sponsor football leagues for children to promote greater consumption of our milk powder.