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Sesame plantation in Nigeria


Although sesame is generally grown in some Asian and Latin American countries, Africa accounts for about a third of the global sesame production and contributes about 70% to the global trade, a share that continues to grow.

We participate in all of the big sesame-producing areas and at all levels, to provide the best value proposition to both farmers and our customers. We buy our seeds from all levels including small-scale and large-scale farmers, cooperatives and a huge range of collectors. The breadth and strength of the Olam network ensures that we are most cost-effective and quality buyers, communicating directly with farmers as a crucial feedback mechanism to ensure good quality output.

To date, we have procurement offices at multiple locations in Burkina Faso, India, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. Apart from these, we also have representatives and agents in other origins including Ethiopia.