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Smiling workers with cashews


Corporate responsibility and sustainability are an integral part of our business strategy. We define sustainability as the active, fair, responsible and mutually value-adding engagement with every stakeholder from customers and employees, to local communities and governments. Our origination operations are built on the premise of improving livelihoods at the grass roots. We do this through farm productivity improvement initiatives that include organising farmer business groups, developing small traders, promoting transparency, and building up capacities among both farming and trading communities.

In addition to providing large-scale employment opportunities in our processing facilities, we also run health campaigns, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention initiatives, adult literacy programmes, productivity-based incentive schemes, as well as annual and cultural celebrations with the view of effectively engaging our workforce. Our processing units are based in rural communities and, particularly, offer opportunities for women to directly earn cash incomes.

Through meaningful partnerships with select development agencies, donors and business partners, Olam develops and implements various initiatives that enhance the lives of the communities in which we operate.

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