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Olam operates 20 cashew-processing and packing facilities across 5 processing origins, and provides both direct and indirect employment to more than 15,000 people, 80% of whom are women.

We are pioneering the setup of fully-mechanised processing facilities that operate under superior safety and hygiene parameters, while concurrently, we have also transferred the experience, skills and technologies successfully applied in our India and Vietnam operations to our Africa operations. Furthermore, we are also working on joint programmes with some of our key customers to continuously improve our facilities.

These efforts have enabled us to shorten process times, minimise control points, and incorporate precision grading and sorting to deliver more consistent quality cashews, customised cashew ingredients as well as Kosher and organic-certified varieties. Today, most of our facilities are HACCP and BRC-certified, enabling us to offer our customers full traceability to international standards.

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